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Asalamalalaikum Ya Ali Madad.

Hussainya Khanwade Abu Talib (as) was built on the aspirations of Mir Nasir Ali (Sadiq bhai) and Mutahara Begum his wife, who are the owners of this Ashurkhana. It has been built in the shabih (copy) of Moula Ali Ibne AbuTalib Roza (mausoleum) in Najaf. The whole concept is to promote the teachings of Khanwade Abu Talib (as) or family of Abu Talib (as) and to be handed over to Imam Mehdi (as) when he reappears. Keeping this in mind, we hope the momineen use this ashurkhana for majalis, jashan and duas to promote the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh and his family) who said according to Sahih hadith agreed both by Sunnis and Shias that he (pbuh) is leaving 2 weighty things, one the Quran and second the Ahlulbayt to be followed after him, refer to this video ** Click here ** about this Sahih hadith. Hope we believers as how Imam Ali ibne Abu Talib (as) wanted us to be and hasten the Zahoor of Imam Mehdi (as), refer to this video ** Click here **

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We only expect dua in return for this service. Iltimase dua jamiyan.

Servants of Imam Mehdi (as).

Hussainiya Khanwade Abu Talib A.S.
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