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[Quran 68:43] Humbled, their eyes, will cover them humiliation. And indeed, they were called to prostrate while they (were) sound.

Imam Ali (AS):

'Three things make love and affection indispensable: good behaviour, good friendship and humbleness.'

Ghurar al-?ikam, Tradition 5372

No one likes a bad-tempered person. Unpleasant individuals have no place amongst people either. Also no one likes a proud and vane person. People like individuals who behave well, are kind and humble.


[Quran 68:42] (The) Day will be uncovered from the shin and they will be called to prostrate, but not they will be able,

Imam Reza (AS):

The one who withdraws from [engaging in] an affair but is pleased with it, would be similar to the one who has been present and has done it.

Was?’il al-Sh?’a, Vol. 16, P. 139


[Quran 68:41] Or (are) for them partners? Then let them bring their partners, if they are truthful.

There is no distinguishing feature between faith and infidelity apart from the lack of reasoning. "Hearing this someone asked the Imam Sadeq(pbuh)," O' son of the Prophet, how is this? "The Imam replied, "Instead of turning to God, man turns to other men for the fulfillment of his needs. If he had turned to God exclusively, in all sincerity, God would have fulfilled his need much speedily than any man could have done. " (Al - Kafi, Vol. 1 , p . 32-33.)...

[Quran 68:40] Ask them, which of them for that (is) responsible.

Imam Sadiq (AS): 'An envious person sustains a loss to himself before causing a loss to the one he envies.' Bihar al-Anwar, Volume 73, Page 255 The spirit of envy refers not to tolerating others enjoying a blessing, and trying to deprive them from that blessing, or causing a loss to them in other ways. An envious person’s tendency is to act as a destructive force, seeking failure of others, rather than a constructive force that seeks one’s ...

[Quran 68:39] Or for you oaths from us, reaching to (the) Day (of) the Resurrection, indeed, for you (is) what you judge?

Imam al_Sadiq (AS) said,

"The straight path is the commander of the faithful, Ali (AS)."

[Maani al_Akhbar, p.32, no. 2]



[Quran 68:38] Indeed for you in it what you choose?

Imam Reza (AS) narrated Prophet Muhammad (S):

There is no milk better than the mother’s milk for a baby.

Uyun Akhbar ar-Ridha, Vol. 2, Chap. 31, Hadith 69


[Quran 68:37] Or (is) for you a book wherein you learn,

The Holy Prophet of Islam (S): 'The most accurate and eloquent phrase that an Arab has stated is the speech of Lobaid (famous poet) where he says: be aware anything other than God is false and any grace would be finally lost.' Mesbahol Sharia, Page 45, Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 67, Page 294 Awareness of the eventual destruction of wealth and positions and end of graces admonishes man to observe truth and justice in gaining them and to be moderate in consumi...

[Quran 68:36] What (is) for you? How (do) you judge?

Imam Reza (AS) narrated Prophet Muhammad (S):

I advise you to begood-tempered as undoubtedly a good-tempered person will go to Paradise. I admonish you against being bad-tempered, since a bad-tempered person will undoubtedly go to Hell.

Uyun Akhbar ar-Ridha, Vol. 2, Chap. 31, Hadith 41


[Quran 68:35] Then will We treat the Muslims like the criminals?

Imam Reza (AS) narrated Prophet Muhammad (S):

Whoever does not oppress the people when dealing with them, and does not lie to them when he talks with them is one whose manliness has been proven and his justness has become apparent. It is obligatory to treat him as a brother, and it is forbidden to gossip behind his back.

Uyun Akhbar ar-Ridha, Vol. 2, Chap. 31, Hadith 34


[Quran 68:34] Indeed, for the righteous with their Lord (are) Gardens (of) Delight.

Prophet Muhammad (S): 'One hour of justice is better than one year of worship.' Nahjul Fasahah, Page 490 Worship is the same relation of creature with The Creator. Those worships are important educational lessons which have an effective role in correcting a man’s spirit and mind. However, we read in the above tradition that one hour of justice is better and higher than one year of (recommended) worship. These expressions show the critical importa...